About me

I am an Assistant Professor of Information Systems and Operations Management at Tilburg University. My research involves three streams: environmental sustainability, supply chain disruptions, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. In the first stream, I am exploring how dynamic pricing can solve the problem of food waste in grocery stores, and how firms and consumers can be more aligned to reduce production and consumption. In the second, I am studying how natural disasters affect product replenishment choices and how retail operations are affected by labor disruptions. In the third, I am analyzing the pricing differences between high- and low-income communities after a supply chain disruption. 

Prior to my academic career, I worked for a period of four years as an environmental consultant based in Panama City, Panama. During that period, I had the opportunity to advise a total of 190 companies that were located in Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Peru, and Mexico. My main objective was to assess their operations in order to help them comply with local and international regulations.

I am from Venezuela but I have lived in Spain, Panama, Germany, England, France, and Finland. I enjoy getting to know new cultures and understanding how businesses are managed across the world.