Working Papers

  1. The Effect of Competition on New Product Releases.

    • Under 2nd Round of Review: Journal of Operations Management

  2. “The Race for Product Renewal,” with Victor Martínez de Albéniz.

    • Reject & Resubmit: Manufacturing and Service Operations Management

  3. The Effect of Competition on Product Discontinuation.

    • Major Revision: Marketing Letters

  4. “The Impact of Gasoline Shortages on Public Bike Sharing Systems.

    • Minor Revision: Academia Revista Latinoamericana de Administración

  5. Rebalance and Share: A Case Study of Guadalajara's Bike Sharing System,” with Alberto Ibarra and Gabriel Pensamiento

    • Under Review: Journal of Operations Management

  6. “Riding the Gravy ‘Trend’: Bandwagon Effect vs. Conspicuous Adoption of Music in User-Generated Content,” with Abhishek Deshmane.

    • Winner: INFORMS 2020 RMP Data-Driven Research Challenge

    • Under Review: Manufacturing and Service Operations Management

  7. “Did the MillerCoors Joint Venture Strengthen the Craft Beer Revolution?,” with José Azar.

    • Under Review: Management Science

Work in Progress

“Managing an Assortment of Durable Goods,” with Mihalis Markakis and Victor Martínez de Albéniz.

“The Effect of Supply Chain Disruptions on Consumer Goods Prices,” with William Schmidt.

Other Than the Racism, I Liked the City: The Role of Ideology in Organizational Hiring,” with Winslow Robertson.

Corporate Purpose and Early COVID-19 Response,” with Diego Arias and Cristian Loza Adaui.

Can Team Performance Depend on Self Interest and the Logic of Gift? Evidence from the National Basketball Association,” with Diego Arias.

You Have to Have a Job: Power and Ideological Action," with Diego Arias and Winslow Robertson.